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tv   News  ABC  July 12, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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white marsh. it will be nice and clear as you do make your way into the city. here's a live look at 895. we are dealing with some construction just south of the harbor tunnel toll plaza but no significant delays. anne arundel county at as far as 97 no problems traveling to the beltway or down to route 50. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. today the findings into the review of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal is set to be released and abc2 news linda so is standing by with what we could learn in a few hours. >> reporter: charlie the report could reveal who knew what and men about the -- when about the jerry sandusky case. an independent group has been investigating penn state's role for the past seven months. the findings will be released this morning at 9:00. the report is expected to reveal if former football coach joe paterno and other top penn
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state fills tried -- officials tried to hide sex abuse allegations by jerry sandusky. the report is expected to be up to 200 pages long and focus on school officials and the school role schoolture may have played if allowing the abuse to continue for so long. >> that our independent investigation be conducted in a thorough, fair, comprehensive manner. leaving no stone unturned. >> reporter: and we've learned that penn state's president will hold a press conference sometime this afternoon to respond to the report. linda so, abc2 news. 5:31 right now. search for a new baltimore city police commissioner continues. however officials from the union have already come up with a blue print for improving the department. they have come up with a plan to help cut crime and taxes. union leaders say the recent success in cutting vie will not crime could be jeopardized if the department doesn't enhance its recruits and benefits.
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>> if you have an fop here saying we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of the resources and taking better care of the police officers on the street who've got the job done for you over the last four or five years. >> the union has called on the department to require two years of college or military service for new recruits. the fop brought in a consulting group and compared baltimore's police department to those in other cities. well, alcohol may have played a role in a deadly wrong way crash on97. one of them was kelley whitt. she was driving southbound in the northbound lane at ben field road. that shows there was a blood alcohol system in there so the driver of the other crash also passed away. presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney made an appeal to african-american voters yesterday in houston texas.
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he spoke to the naacp national convention and mr. romney asked for support explained why he thinks he is the better candidate. the crowd was receptive to the massachusetts governor's message until he addressed repealing the president's health care reform law. to that the crowd responded less than favorably -- >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obamacare and i'm going tutwork reform and save -- to work to reform and safe -- [ booing ] >> mitt romney knows he does have a problem with african- american voters. polls show they prefer president barack obama overwhelmingly. he's committed to competing in the african-american community. jesse jackson jr. is being treated for a mood disorder. an unidentified doctor was quoted in the statement saying that yak season is expected -- jackson is expected to make full recovery. he has been away from congress since late may. he was taking a leave of
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absence due to a medical condition which had been a mystery until now. last week his communications director said that the ailment was more serious than initially believed. an oklahoma city man decided to do something very different this year. to celebrate his birthday. instead of getting gifts, he decided to give them. you see doug eton turned 65 years old and in honor of the birth day he spent 65 minutes handing out $5 bills to people. some drove by several times to make sure that they were reading the sign correctly. others told eton they would continue to pay it forward. >> i think this is the craziest guy i've ever seen in my life and also he is fantastic. i'm enjoying the moment out here. >> now, his friends said he was just having fun on his 65th birthday. a normal trip to a beach if florida turns into a deadly encounter almost for one boy. >> nearly 10-foot long
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alligator attacks caleb tows who was with his grandfather who was fishing. the teenager was swimming in the three feet of water when the gator attacked him. luckily the al gator let him go after he started to fight back. >> glad i'm not dead or i didn't lose a limb. >> his grandfather attempted to run the gator over with a boat but missed. later the teen and his grandfather came back and killed the alligator. all right, superheros are now taking over a park in san diego beginning this morning. >> stay with us this morning because the week of geek chic better known as comic-con. we're going to get you why this attracts thousands of comic book lovers every single year. >> also new information this morning about the ruling that says pit bulls are inherently dangerous. what you need to know. >> dryer and less humid today. those details coming up. >> good morning lynette there are no problems on 695 at harford road. how traffic is shaping up on 83 coming up on "good morning
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maryland." >> news time now 5:33. as we go to break the national aquarium in lake mason there in the background. beautiful shot of baltimore's inner harbor. we continue in just a moment. [ snoring ]
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thanks for staying with us, comic-con opens to the public this morning in san diego. the annual event is a four day celebration of all things pop culture. comic books, games, temperature shows and movies and -- tv somehows and movie -- shows and movies. they're going to do it in style. >> very cool to see everier i don't want you never know no -- every year. you never know what to expect. >> to inflatables to ballparks turned into zombie zones. there's something for every fan and the event runs through sunday. on facebook this morning we're asking you if you went to comic- con who would you be? michael jackson's legacy lives on. director spike lee is releasing a documentary commemorating "bad" and the tour. the movie is the first basined the scenes project to chronicle a michael jackson album. the film marks the 25th
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anniversary of the iconic album and record-setting world tour. well, anyone who's planned a wedding knows it can always be very stressful. >> it really can be. however we're going to tell you what federal agency is now offering tips to brides and grooms to make sure the big day isn't is disaster. >> anne arundel county's police chief is calling it quits. i'm linda so, how his resignation could affect the ongoing misconduct probe against his process. >> we have an accident in howard county on columbia road at ten mills road. the west side of the belt waffliest and clear from 795 all the way down to route 40. if you are going to the harrisburg expressway, this is exactly what it looks like at york road. absolutely nothing to get in your way. as you're traveling down to 695. and i will let you know how you can win a $600 gas gift card coming up on "good morning maryland." [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools, jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor.
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thank you for joining us. the anne arundel county police chief is stepping down. that surprise announcement comes as the executive john leopold is under indictment for misconduct while in office. abc2 news linda so is here with
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how chief james teare's resignation could apossession it. >> reporter: no longer face a criminal investigation into his involvement into leopold's misconduct case. leopold is charged with misusing the taxpayer funded police detail for personal use. according to the indictment, police complained to chief teare but he didn't do anything to stop it. it now means the state will close its investigation into chief teare and he will retire on august 1st. he says in a statement he has cherished the opportunity to serve the citizens of anne arundel county. now lee mold has appointed major major davis as the abouting chief of police. -- acting chief of police, linda so, abc2 news. a court ruling that pit bulls are inpercently dangerous is not yet in effect in the state. this is a pendsings decision by the state's highest court to reconsider the ruling. the ruling by the highest court means owners could be liable for bites without previous evidence of the dog being dangerous. a task force of maryland lawmakers is now examining ways
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to change the way to address concerns raised by the court ruling. changes are rolling out on facebook this week and it's all in an effort to fight cyber bullying. the social media giant are adding tools to help victims of harassment and bullying more easily report the problems and hopefully resolve them. teen users have more options when they're classifying unwanted posts and others and also given a short survey to rank how serious the issue is from the worst cases users will be directed to facebook's suicide chat hotline or other professional help websites. airtran is adding more round trip flights to south florida. starting in september they're going to add two daily flights to fort lauderdale. this comes after discount carrier spirit airlines announced it would offer flights from bwi to there. the flights will start on september 6th for both and airtran's one way fares begin at $59. one of the best kept
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secrets, now the mcdonald's special sauce recipe has remained a mystery sort of like the coke formula. that was until now. avoids owe on youtube shows the executive chief revealing the recipe of the sauce that's put on the big macs but why the big reveal you may ask? well, execs say it's all part of the new mcdonald's initiative to be more transparent about their products. news time right now 5:46. and help first times are -- health officials with the centers for disease control and prevention want you to be prepared for a big event. many of us experienced -- a wedding day. there's a tongue-in-cheek blog with the wedding season survival guide. lauren i hope you're listening. says that planning for a wedding isn't that much different from planning for a disaster. tips include keeping a kit that's stocked with safety pins, sedatives and they also say support for stressed out brides. yeah. well, coach is bringing back the styles that made the company one of the most beloved bag makers in the world.
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stores will soon begin receiving the first coach legacy collection for the fall of 2012. it will return the iconic shapes and saddle sides. details updated and larger size, lighter weights and areas for cell phone pockets as well. and five things you may want to know today. the judge in the case of the fort hood shooter expected to review the questionnaire for potential panel members to answer before reporting for panel duty. hasan is accused of killing 13 and injuring 29 others at fort hood in 2009. today penn state trustees will hold a meeting in scranton. the independent report into how penn state handled the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal is expected to be released. governor o'malley is going to be in virginia for the summer meeting today. the 104th annual meeting will run through sunday. actress roseanne barr is in baltimore today, she is one of two candidates for the green party nomination for president.
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the party's convention goes from today until sunday. after 50 years the rolling stones still getting it done. the band celebrating a milestone anniversary today. the group will celebrate their half century together at somerset house launching a book and an exhibition. if you want fries with your meal during the olympics you better go to mcdonald's. >> hundreds of food outlets have been forced to take french fries -- off their menu because of the demands from the sponsor. you see they are banned from dishing up fries unless they are served with fish. the fish and chips thing is britain's most famous dish. the only exception is the no fry rule. it seems that the bosses have predicted an outrage over this decision. they made up a sign basically explaining the decision and not asking people to get upset with the wait staff. it's not their division.
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>> lynette charles, ever enjoyed the fish and chips? >> oh, yeah the fish and chip is good. >> i wasn't expecting that reaction. >> fish and chips is good. >> the things you like lynette you really really like. >> the satellite and radar picking up on some sun and clouds as we go through the rest of the morning. and in the afternoon, we see most of the shower activity is down to the south and all that is courtesy once again of a stationary front. but let's take you outside look at this beautiful sunrise this morning in laurel. so yes started out with some clouds but then the sun starts to move through and that's been the name of the game for the past several days and see that once again for today. temperatures in the 60s look at towson right now. 60 degrees. oh feels good out there. that humidity is on the low side or less humid i should say than what it was yesterday. right now glen burnie at 69 degrees. we're in the upper 60s in annapolis this morning as we head over towards the eastern shore, we're looking at 68 in centreville and 64 chestertown and northeast coming in at 65 degrees. so here's that stationary front
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once again. still a little bit further to the south than what it was yesterday but we still have that chance for it to maybe wobble back to the north. i am going to keep a chance for showers in here just an isolated one and nothing huge is going to be just like it was yesterday for the most part. and future trend basically picking up on that mainly dry as high pressure will really do its thing for today. but, we will start to see a change in the forecast. the future temps 90-degrees this afternoon. we'll see more of that as we go into the afternoon tomorrow. and then your future -- i don't have seven day forecast rather looks like this. as we go into time look out as he heat things up. 92 on monday 93 on tuesday and wednesday looks like 94 degrees but the humidity moves back in and we will feel much hotter than that. now a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we are giving away $600 in gas cards every single friday for the rest of summer to enter the contest just go to my facebook page. all of the details can be found at the top of the profile.
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95 no concerns. and here's a look at 95 in white marsh and you'll see the northeast corridor in great shape. no concerns as you do travel into the city. traveling on 695 you are looking at an 1 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up 83 and the harrisburg expressway nice and clear. that is a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. for the new opening of south carolina starbucks may really be about to be sold everywhere. >> yeah, where the giant is planning teapots its next market may -- to put its next market may surprise you. you're waking up to what's new in baltimore. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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a south carolina funeral home is now getting ready to sell more than just coffins and urns. coffee. coffee. now on the menu. >> the robinson funeral home has been serving home brewed coffee for years and now they're adding a small starbucks cafe in hopes it will help families who are groving. >> so this provides them a little escape and gives them a break from the stress they're going through, then that's what
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it's all about is to make them foal better. >> the starbucks will sit next to the chapel and they're going to continue to offer free coffee to their customers. something strange in a pittsburgh neighborhood. a hearse that's been transformed into a ghost buskers car. it's of course called ecto one and is now a fundraising phenomenon. since then he's teamed up with area fan groups called the steel city ghost busters raising money for the children's miracle network and even been requested for the birthday parties. of course he's been requested. >> not for the elimination of a ghost. i'd call him. well tweeting,fectioning facebook all activities that have become part of a normal routine for millions of kids. >> all right, coming up we've got new details on the new website that aims to get kids off their phones and do a little bit of extracurricular work. >> also ahead, a fat beagle given up because of her weight finds new friends and a way to
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help shed those pounds. we're going to tell you how she did it straight ahead. >> parts of southeast texas under water this morning but there's a silver lining the all of this rain. we'll explain what's going on in the lone star state and here locally. >> temperatures are feeling pretty good right now but they will be on the rise. i'll have those details coming up and plus i have a special request from a facebook buddy. that's coming up as well. lauren? >> thanks. no delays here on 895 at o deny ole street. what -- o'donnell street. what traffic looks like on 895 and93 coming up on "good morning maryland." have breakfast with milk
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the all-new multi-launch coaster. only resolve all-stains has two formula chambers, to remove all types of stains. using shout or oxiclean? that's just playing the odds. don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. a beloved former principal murdered in florida is being remembered. i'm linda so, what some are doing keep the memory alive. the power is back on but questions remain this morning. what local lawmakers are asking utility companies to do next time around. and more adults are earning college degrees but do the numbers meet the current administration's goal? we'll have answers on thursday, july 12th. >> a live look downtown on thursday, july 12th. a live pi


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